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Indigenous Update 17/11/21

Couple of updates this time:

Renaming the App

Renaming the app to something that is more inclusive, and among other things, easier to spell has been discussed a few ...

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Archive Digging

While this version of my site has only been around a few months, I have started, built, gotten bored with, then deleted multiple versions of this site over the years. ...

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Getting into Indieweb Part 2

Spurred on by taking ownership of the repos for the desktop and iOS versions of Indigenous, and as I have a couple of days off this week, it has prompted ...

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Indigenous for Desktop and iOS

You may have noticed that the ownership for the repos of the desktop and iOS versions of Indigenous were transferred to my github profile this morning.

I have been experimenting ...

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Getting Into IndieWeb

Since first hearing about the IndieWeb movement on a podcast about 10 years ago, I have made a couple of attempts at setting up my own POSSE site, and getting ...

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On your Marks

After much messing around in Dreamweaver I have finally gotten around to sorting out my own site for once. There is no use having hosting, domains and all the rest ...

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Building bridges, literally

At the back of my house, there's a railway bridge that sometime last year we were told was going to have something done to it so that they could transport ...