Indigenous Update 06/11/21

A Few updates for this week:

New Microsite

Launched a microsite for Indigenous on

As part of the testing process for getting the microsite live, it flagged an issue with the contrast ratio between the shade of orange used throughout. As such I have tweaked the accent colour (#D54049) used across the app and site so that it now passes WCAG for normal text.

The site's content is currently recycled copy from, however I shall be going through and updated, revising and expanding this in due course, in particular things like the privacy policy.

Backend wise, the site is built with Laravel, and as usual, the repo for it can be found on GitHub here:

App Updates

I have started the process of building the relevant app bundles for each platform for a small scale 1.3.0 release, with the aim to make them available for download on the 10th November.

Although there are many areas of the app that need attention, this update focuses mainly on addressing known security vulnerabilities in Electron and migrating the build process to Electron forge, along with generally updating dependencies used. I have also included the refined accent colour (#D54049) in the app’s CSS, however this won't affect the majority of the existing in-app icons.

As for updates on progressing on the new version of the app, I'm focusing on getting the app UX nailed first, as it’s pointless having an app that no-one can use, even if under the hood it ticks all the boxes.