Indigenous for Desktop and iOS

You may have noticed that the ownership for the repos of the desktop and iOS versions of Indigenous were transferred to my github profile this morning.

I have been experimenting with a forked version of both these repos for a while, and noticing that the iOS version was looking for a new maintainer, I got in touch with @swentel who kindly transferred the repos over to me.

What's Next?

As I'm sure most people are when they see that something they use moves to a new maintainer they've got every right to be a bit cautious about what they are going to do to a project, and whether they're going to destroy something you actively use for a reason. Which is fair enough, I’ve felt the same about stuff I’ve used in the past, and wouldn’t expect others to be any different.

Initially, not much will change, and it will likely be another month or so before I start on releasing updates for anything.

I want to get a good idea as to how the current codebase for each stands, what works, what doesn’t and what kind of works but it’s a bit rough around the edges. As a first move I want to make sure they both play nicely with the current versions of their relevant dependencies and patch any vulnerabilities stemming from those.

Once I'm happy with the baseline of each, I'm going to look to get them up to parity with the Android version of Indigenous which is still being maintained and developed by < a href="">@swentel and can be found here.

Of course, if you have any suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to open an issue on either one of the repos, and I will try and be proactive in getting back to folk.

All that remains now is for me to get stuck in I guess!