Couple of updates this time:

Renaming the App

Renaming the app to something that is more inclusive, and among other things, easier to spell has been discussed a few times now (see for reference). As I now maintain the app across all platforms, and am actively look to make major updates to the app, it seems now is a good time to go ahead with the renaming. Therefore, I will rename the app to the most popular, usable option suggested on the wiki page (currently Indiepass seems to be the most popular) during the create day taking place on Christmas day.

Android App

I have now taken over as the maintainer for the android version of Indigenous, which means I am now maintain the app across each platform. In the long term, this will make it much simpler to maintain and develop the app, and ensure the app look/feel and functionality is consistent across all platforms. As part of this, the app ownership transferred to on 17/11/21

Push Notifications

As part of this migration, there will be a small update released for the Android version that will remove the push notification functionality for the time being, which will be return at a future date.


I'm also going to be reworking how translations for the app are handled, and will be launching a new translation project that covers the app on all platforms, rather than just the Android version early next year.

Desktop App

I released a small update to the desktop app last Wednesday that resolved a few security issues with the version of Electron used by the app, and made a few minor tweaks throughout the app. To download the updated version, please visit

Site Updates

I have started to expand the project’s site to give dedicated pages for the app on each platform, and have started the process of updating the site copy to better reflect the project's current status. I have also started re-writing the support section of the site to cover help and support specific to the app, and linked out to for more info on more generalised topic, such as explaining what microsub/micropub is.

That's pretty much it for this update, I'll post again when there's anything significant to report on.