Getting into Indieweb Part 2

Spurred on by taking ownership of the repos for the desktop and iOS versions of Indigenous, and as I have a couple of days off this week, it has prompted me to give my setup a reset of sorts.

As a start, this version of my site is the result of me wanting to experiment with Hugo, and as a first attempt of have an IndieWeb enriched site. Visibly I'm quite happy with how it looks and will not really be changing much on that front, but if you take a quick look at the head section, you'll find tags and meta data for a whole host of stuff that doesn’t really need to be there.

Added to which this current site doesn't really support POSSE in the way I'd like to, and due to workload etc. I've not really had much of interest to post anyway.

I will still be sticking with Hugo for the site itself, but will be moving to a Ubuntu based droplet on digitalocean, which will give me more flexibility with side projects and behind the scenes type stuff.

This will also be paired with an old HP machine setup with the free version of VMware hypervisor.

My other intention with doing a kind of reset of my own setup, is to document it all as I go along, as being completely honest, whilst I love the idea of the indieweb and the idea of owning your setup, getting it working in a way that works can be confusing as hell at times.