Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland

Web & Mobile Developer, Digital Creative

Leicester, UK

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Note posted 14/04/2022 15:04

(Mid) Weekly Notes 08: 14/04/22

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy for various reasons, usually on sundays, so I've gone a couple of weeks now without posting anything much recently. Despite that, ...

Note posted 27/03/2022 19:03

Weekly Notes 07: 27/03/22

It’s still Sunday (just), and as it’s gone 23:00, it’s probably for the best that I’m not drinking coffee this late in the evening. As I’m trying to stick with ...

Note posted 20/03/2022 19:03

Weekly Notes 06: 20/03/22

It’s sunday afternoon again, however I’m sat in a Nottingham branch of Caffè Nero this week, trying to kill some time before I wander up to Rock City for a ...

Note posted 17/03/2022 02:03

Weekly Notes 05: 13/03/22

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, for which there are a number of reasons, from a mixture of forgetting, being too busy elsewhere, or just not having ...

Note posted 30/01/2022 18:01

Weekly Notes 04: 30/01/22

It’s Sunday evening again, however this time I’m staying in a hotel room in London, and currently drinking a small bottle of red wine. Here’s my weekly note recap for ...