Indigenous Dev Update – 27/10/21

It's been a few weeks since I took over as maintainer for Indigenous, so I thought it was a good idea for me to give folks a bit of an update.

Although I've not had much time to dedicate on this over the past couple of weeks due to other commitments, I have come up with a list of things I want the app to do, and hopefully result in a vastly more consistent, improved experience across each platform.

As such, I'm essentially going to be rewriting the app from the ground up, making use of Apache Cordova to generate the relevant app bundles for both iOS and Desktop, and using HTML & JS as its core. This means instead of maintaining a disjointed desktop app and iOS app, there'll be 1 core app, that is then bundled and packaged accordingly for it's relevant device and platform.

For the UX of the new app, I've began the process of mapping out the flow of the app, and how everything will slot together, which I'll share once I'm happy with everything.

I am always happy to get feedback from anyone who uses, has tried to use or would want to use the app, and has any suggestions on how to improve things further. The best place to do this would be to submit an issue on the relevant GitHub repo:

Desktop repo:
iOS repo:

The way these repos are managed will change slightly as development progresses, with a centralised repo for the base app, with the platform specific repos acting more like satellites. I will however keep an eye on each repo for any issues, pull requests etc.

I intend to do general updates on how things are progressing once every couple of weeks, however things might go quiet from time to time due to other commitments.