Weekly Notes 01: 09/01/22


I have been making good progress with getting the frontend of the app built, and have more or less completed the basic scaffold of the app. Next step is to make it actually function as an app, and build out the various post types. In doing so, and also by having a look through the IndieWeb wiki, it has also given me a few ideas on features to work on in the future.

As a way to focus what I'm working on atm, I'm focusing solely on building the app up for mobile devices, as this scenario is the most common use case.


When I first deployed this current version of my site, I imported a lot of content from things like Instagram, and older versions extracted from archive.org. This resulted in a number of small issues and rough edges which irritated me. As such I spent a couple of hours on Saturday going through and correcting things like missing h1 tags, empty alt tags on images, and setting the correct post kind for photo posts. I also added a couple of extra items to the top menu for photos and articles.


First things first: I finally got to see the new Spiderman film on Monday evening, however as I not any kind of film reviewer, I shall just say: It was pretty good.

The past week has been fairly busy otherwise, and I have spent most of the week telling myself that I need to get back in the habit of going to the gym or going for a run, or spending an hour on Zwift on a regular basis, but have so far failed on doing so as I’ve either been too tired, or lacking the motivation to do anything resembling exercise. On the plus side, I have unlocked a few achievements on Forza Horizon 5, so the week’s not been a complete dead loss.

As things are slowly becoming more normal, one of my main goals for the next few weeks is to get myself into a better routine, and make time for things like reading and exercising.


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