The Basics

  • I currently live in Leicester, UK
  • I have a black cat called Lara (as in Croft)
  • I work as a Full Stack Developer & DevOps at CWA
  • I'm getting more involved in the IndieWeb movement and slowly making this site fully IndieWebified
  • I'm currently working on a couple of open-source projects, mainly focused on IndiePass and Custrd
  • I'm also attempting to be more active and healthier
  • I'm currently taking part in Movember 2022 by growing a crap moustache and running at least 60km during November. More info

What are my Interests?

  • Web development and design
  • Building cross-platform apps with Flutter
  • The IndieWeb
  • Slowly getting back into being more fit and active.
  • Trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle

What do I Use?

  • My main phone is an iPhone 13
  • I also have a Nokia X20 which I mainly use for app development
  • My main computer is a 2020 Macbook Air (M1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 250GB Storage).
  • I also have a mini PC (Ryzen 5600U, 16GB RAM, 500GB Storage) that I use for testing.
  • Gaming wise, I have an XBOX Series X, but will occasionaly game via cloud streaming
  • I have an old HP Prodesk I run ESXi on, for virtual machines and testing / experimenting with.
  • I have an Apple TV 4K for cycling on Zwift
  • Music wise I'm an avid user of Spotify, and have been for over a decade now.
  • Hosting wise, I use a mix of Fasthosts and Digital Ocean for servers (usually Ubuntu based), and namecheap for domains.