I’m constantly having ideas for side-projects and apps, some useful, some just plain stupid (Virtual torch anyone?). However to give myself a bit of focus, I will be aiming to work on the following main projects in 2022 (with a very rough plan of timescales)


The current version of this site uses WordPress as it’s backend, and while it’s very good at some stuff, I keep finding need to fudge my way around things, and add clunky workarounds to get the resulting site to work the way I want it to. As an example, the majority of the functions.php of the theme I wrote for this site is hooks that disable features of WordPress in order to improve performance.

As I use Laravel on a daily basis anyway, it makes sense for me to build my own site with the same approach I build stuff for other projects. Part of the plan is to make the new site a re-usable base for creating sites, and who knows, perhaps it’ll also morph into a behemoth full-fat CMS in years to come.


IndiePass is the new version of Indigenous, designed to allow for posting, and reading content within the Fediverse and beyond. After a couple of false starts and dead-ends in getting going, I’m now quite happy with how the new version is going to look, rebuilt from scratch with a unified codebase using Flutter, focusing first on the mobile apps for Android & iOS, then releasing an updated desktop version later in the year.

My main goal for IndiePass is to make it as easy as possible to quickly post updates to your own site, and interact with content from your feeds, just as you would’ve with any other social media app, without needing to be overly familiar with the inner workings of Micropub & Microsub.

The repo for IndiePass can be found @

IndieFit (Fitness Tracker)

From exploring what is possible with Flutter, and the kind of content I want to post to my site, it makes sense to create a dedicated app for posting fitness activities that integrates with Apple’s Healthkit and Google Fit. While this could technically be included in the main IndiePass app, it makes sense to me to make a separate app for this particular use-case.

Be More Active

Throughout the year

With the mix of Lockdowns, and working from home over the past couple of years, I’ve been spending more and more time at home and usually on my laptop or XBOX. Unless anything major changes, I’m going to be making more of an effort to actually go out and do more in 2022, and possibly even sign up for a half marathon later in the year.