Note posted 30/01/2022 18:41

Weekly Notes 04: 30/01/22

It’s Sunday evening again, however this time I’m staying in a hotel room in London, and currently drinking a small bottle of red wine. Here’s my weekly note recap for ...

Note posted 23/01/2022 18:43

Weekly Notes 03: 23/01/22

It’s Sunday afternoon again, and I’m sat in my office with a cup of coffee I made myself this time (flat white with beans from More Coffee Co. if you’re ...

Note posted 22/01/2022 14:51

IndiePass Dev Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted purely about IndiePass, and the current status of the new app.

Firstly, I had hoped to have an update for Android ...

Note posted 16/01/2022 13:47

Weekly Notes 02: 16/01/22

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m currently sat downstairs in a Caffè Nero making use of their free Wi-Fi for a change of scene. In what will hopefully become a habit ...

Note posted 09/01/2022 13:17

Weekly Notes 01: 09/01/22


I have been making good progress with getting the frontend of the app built, and have more or less completed the basic scaffold of the app. Next step ...

Article posted 21/12/2021 23:18

Renaming Indigenous

Since taking over as maintainer of the Indigenous app, one thing that has not sat comfortably with me is the app’s name.

The discussion for renaming the app to something ...

Note posted 03/12/2021 23:16

End of year goals and recap

To make life easier for myself as much as anything, I’m going to be spending this month having an end of year sort out, both physically and digitally.

Site wise, ...

Article posted 21/11/2021 19:50

Indigenous for Android 0.65

I have released a small update (0.65) for the Android version of Indigenous.

The main purpose of this release is to migrate things like the app’s OAuth endpoint from the ...

Note posted 17/11/2021 13:28

Indigenous Update – 17/11/21

Couple of updates this time:

Renaming the App

Renaming the app to something that is more inclusive, and among other things, easier to spell has been discussed a few ...