IndieWeb carnival is a monthly challenge to write a post on a particular theme, so far there themes have been IndieWeb and Cooking and Moments of Joy.

This month, I'm picking the theme for August's IndieWeb carnival, which is gardening.

This can be anything related to the term gardening, be it physically or digitally.

Whether you are a keen horticulturist and have perfected your own personal oasis, or you have a digital garden that spreads many online acres or you've sculpted the greatest in-game garden in Animal Crossing or The Sims this is the month to publish your thoughts, experiences or just show off to the world your gardening prowess.

Alternatively, if you're like me and fairly useless at gardening and somehow keep managing to build up a graveyard of plants despite your best efforts (my previous achievements include de-hydrating a cactus plant) this can also be the month to share your misadventures, or as I am going to be, attempt to cultivate your gardening skills to a new level.

As ever, everyone is invited to take part in an IndieWeb Carnvial challenge. To take part, simply write a post on the theme of gardening, and share the link with me, either by sending a webmention, or sending me a link through other means and I'll put together a list of entries at the end of the month. If you would like to host a future monthly IndieWeb Carnival, please check out the details on the IndieWeb Wiki

So cue the Ground Force theme and happy gardening!