It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, this is however not through lack of wanting to, I've just not had a chance to sit down and write anything. As discussed at the part of the Berlin IndieWebCamp I was able to drop in on, I try and write these while in a coffee shop, rather than at my desk at home. I find that making it a habit to write elsewhere, means I don't dwell on what I should write as much, and if nothing else, makes me get out of the house more while exploring the various coffee shops in the local area.


As a slight change, I have been spending time building out the codebase of this site to be a full-featured IndieWeb enriched CMS that anyone could use as a simple way to get up and running with a personal website. As it currently stands, I still have some work to do to fully implement all the features and functions I want to be present,

My attention at the minute is focused on making sure I don't have anything hardcoded that relates purely to myself, such as social handles, and once I'm happy I'm not likely to spread my info around through a git repo, I'll make the repo public for others to use.

Custrd is a stupid name...

Yes it is. The idea of registering is a reference to an (unopened) tin of custard that was sat on my desk for several months (it's since been turned into a pen pot). A mix of joking about domains missing vowels, and a promo on .com domains. resulted in me now owning I didn't have any plans for it, so may as well put it to use for this. On the subject of impulse domain registrations...

I started this as a mood-tracking app a few years ago, after it was recommended to help spot trends in my mental health. The apps I tried however just irritated me, and started to create my own app instead. As with most projects, this was abandoned and just sat in the depths of my GitHub account for just over 2 years. I did however own as a domain.

This time around, however, I'm building a life admin app that combines the various spreadsheets, notebooks and apps I have for staying on top of and tracking stuff, such as my gym routine, food tracking, to-do lists, and journaling. Of course, making sure it's all secure and kept private.