Misc. Notes 15: 28/05/23

It's a sunday afternoon and I'm sat in a branch of 200 degrees coffee with a cold brew coffee, so I've decided to write a week notes style post, however as I never actually seem to stick to a weekly schedule I'll go with calling these misc notes, for the time being.


It's been a couple of weeks since the last update of the android version of IndiePass, and having gone through the codebase a bit more, there will hopefully be another small update being released soon that should greatly improve the accessibility of the app's UI, and resolve a long running bug with the menu drawer.

With regards to future posts on IndiePass, I will shortly be publishing an update to the IndiePass website to include a post feed, with release updates etc. published on https://indiepass.app instead of here.


I've not really done much to marksuth.dev in the past few weeks, I've re-added the ability to livestream from my site via an embedded owncast instance, which seems to be working more effectively that my previous configuration.

I'm also starting to go through my older posts and photos to add more detail where appropriate, and adding custom layouts with suitable API integrations for things like read & watch posts for more context.

Following on recent disucssions at HWC Europe/London I'm also working to add more depth to my site, and back-fill a few more post types where I can access relevant archives.


As the weather has been pretty decent the past few days, I've been trying to make sure I get out more, and generally get more organised. The only slight hinderance is that my hayfever seems to have finally caught up with me the past few days, which is fun.

I've also finally got a new pair of matching tires for my bike, so will be cycling to and from work again, pollen levels permitting.