Week Notes 13: 26/09/22

As usual, it's been a couple of weeks since I posted a week note, which still irks me that I'm not being more regular with posting these. I am however sat in a branch of Caffe Nero with a flat white, so let's see if this one gets posted. Now that I've completed a large project at work that was sucking up all my time, I'm once again able to spend time on my other projects and even spending some time offline.



Having completed a recent work project that relied on Flutter, and from various bits of feedback, I'm wanting to press on with getting a usable version of IndiePass out into the world for people to poke and start using. It's now been close to a year since I took over the development of this project and would've liked to have something more substantial to show for it by now, but ah well.


I'm almost at the point of flipping the status of the git repo for this to public, happy that there's nothing in the codebase that'll result in me revealing some private API key or similar. I have still have a sizeable wishlist for this project before I even consider putting it out as some sort of release, let alone writing documentation for it.


As part of the process of getting Custrd ready, I have made several updates to the backend of the site that mean nearly all of the site meta tags, and info such as site name, social handles etc. are now driven either by the site's .env file or a database table. Likewise, the static pages are now also database driven, rather than showing coded blade templates.


I spent a chunk of last week in Germany for work, which while it meant some long, stressful days, now means I have more time to focus on other things again. I have restarted sessions with my PT after a couple of weeks off and have also restarted using Zwift on a regular basis.

I'm also taking the opportunity to have a proper sort and clear out of clothes, furniture and misc. stuff I no longer need, or have use for and am either selling, donating, or disposing of accordingly. I'm also having a digital clear-out of things, from the various screenshots in my image library I don't need, deleting accounts for apps I don't really use, and focusing on improving on the stuff I should pay more attention to.

In addition to making more of an effort to post these week notes on a weekly basis, I'm also going to start a private daily journal from 1st October and see how I get on with that after a month of updating that.

Overall, I'm taking the opportunity I'm now less busy for the next couple of weeks to make some "bug fixes and performance improvements" IRL to ease things when I inevitably get busy again in a few weeks' time.

Cheers, Mark