It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to sit down and write anything here, mainly due to a mixture of life stuff taking priority and having fallen well and truly out of the habit of posting with any kind of frequency, I’ve just not gotten back into posting.

General Projects Update (IndiePass, Custrd etc.)

One advantage of essentially running everything on autopilot pretty much for the past few months means I’m able to look at things with fresh eyes and start making progress on stuff in a somewhat more measured, and hopefully more productive manner.

It’s coming up to a year since I made the switch on the underlying codebase for this site, and it’s safe to say it had become somewhat cluttered along with a variety of bugs and quirks in the way things were being done.

I’ve taken the release of Laravel 10 as an opportunity to start on a mass code clean-up and generally streamlining and updating of both the workflow and approach taken with the site.


In short, the last couple of months of 2022 ended up being a bit shit. A mix of health stuff and other things just resulted in me feeling rather crappy and not really in the mood to do much. Thankfully, things have now either resolved themselves, or they’re in the process of being resolved/improved. It’s just meant I’ve had to re-prioritize and make a few changes, of which they are generally all for the better.

I’m aware this post has kind of been more of a mindless ramble, rather than any actual update on things. Normal service may resume soon.

Cheers, Mark