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Next Goal Wins (2023)

Watched at Phoenix Arts Cinema.

The basis of this film is that a US soccer coach is sent to American Samoa, to coach a team who lost 31-0 against Australia ...

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Napoleon (2023)

Watched using weekly MUBI go pass at Phoenix Leicester.

Considering it’s meant to be an epic film about Napoleon, it just felt sterile as much as anything. I’m not the ...

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Saltburn (2023)

Watched at Phoenix Arts Cinema as this week's selected Mubi Go film.

In short, I enjoyed this film a lot. It's very much a film that is best knowing as ...

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Blancanieves (2012)

Watched at Phoenix Arts Cinema in Leicester as part of their monthly mystery film nights.

Also known as Snow White, this silent black-and-white film follows the daughter of the famous ...

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Moon (2009)

Watched Moon at Phoenix cinema as part of their monthly mystery film night.

While not a film I had heard of before, I wasn’t disappointed by the selection. The film ...

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Local Hero (1983)

I watched this apart of Phoenix Cinema's mystery film night, of which I've now been to a few of.

The film itself centres around a remote Scottish village, which a ...