It's been a few months since I stopped posting Weekly notes on a well, weekly basis. This is for a mix of reasons, mainly a mix of being tied up with other commitments, or just not in the mood to post anything that week.

As I'm now less tied up elsewhere and have started getting myself somewhat more organised, I'm going to give doing these on a weekly basis another shot. So:


After neglecting this for a couple of months, I have begun getting back in the flow of making progress with IndiePass, especially now that the iOS app is no longer available on the app store.

This is also true with the documentation side of things, and have started work on writing proper documentation on how the app works, and how to use it, rather than the current documentation which doesn't really help with using the app.

To this extent, I have consolidated the various IndiePass & Indigenous GitHub repos into an IndiePass organisation to make the project management aspect of things more clear-cut and help me with managing the multitude of Repos I've got.

I am also starting to migrate a new version of the IndiePass website over to domain rather than a sub-domain of this site.

HWC Europe/London

Calum recently decided to step down as organiser of the HWC Europe/London meetups, which after organising them for 6 years, is more than reasonable, so thanks Calum!

In his absence, James and I took over as co-organisers of future meetups. These take place every alternate Wednesday at 19:00 UK time, and anyone with an interest in getting started or maintaining a personal website is more than welcome to attend. Details of future meetups, along with other HWC meetups that take place can be found at

In the spirit of being re-motivated to get working on things, I spent some time this week correcting various small bugs with the site and added a couple of features I've been meaning to add for a while. These include but are not limited to:

  • Post kind archives now actually work instead of showing a 404
  • Switching to markdown for writing posts instead of TinyMCE
  • Making sure unpublished posts are actually unpublished
  • Various date-related fixes, including showing the published date correctly, and adding "Last Updated" to the footer of updated posts
  • General code cleanup of unused snippets
  • Migrating from Webpack to Vite for CSS & JS compilation

I've also created about a dozen or so issues in GitHub for things to improve or add to the site, including showing webmentions on the site


I'm now a couple of months into having a new diet and various lifestyle changes prompted by a couple of medical issues that made it clear I need to be generally more active and generally eating/drinking better. I have noticed myself feeling somewhat better, and have started to notice various improvements starting to show as a result.

On the food/drink front, I'm in the progress of moving to a mostly plant-based diet and have given up drinking alcohol also.

On the "more-active" side of things, I am restarting weekly sessions with my personal trainer at the end of July, and am making an effort to walk & cycle more, in addition to getting back in the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis. This has also been helped by finally managing to get an appointment to have my nose cauterised which has put a stop to my nose bleeding multiple times a day.

Writing this has turned into much more of a ramble than I intended, but it's reminded me how much I enjoy doing these Weekly notes, so I will make a concerted effort to do the same next week.