It's been a while since I last posted a weekly note, which is annoying for a couple of reasons, 1. I enjoy writing them, and 2: they aren't weekly notes if I don't do them weekly. The lack of posting and activity in general has been mainly due to general life stuff prompting me to make a few changes to things, mostly for the better. Right then...


It has been a few weeks since I've really touched anything to do with IndiePass, and coming back to it now, has prompted me to prioritize getting a set of useful documentation written, which will help with defining the features and functions of the app, and prioritise where I should be spending my time, but also make it easier to explain how the app functions, and potentially flag aspects that have been overlooked or can be expanded on in later versions.

Indigenous on iOS

Due to Apple updating their policy on the apps that have not been updated for an extended period, the current version of Indigenous was removed from the iOS App Store by Apple. This means the app can no longer be downloaded and installed to devices.

I've been making a few small improvements and updates to the site, most notably fixing an issue with how URLs were being created in feeds and the various Sitemap.xml variants.

On the backend, I'm working on improving how photo uploads are handled, to hopefully avoid uploading 5MB+ image files, and allow for multiple file sizes to be automatically generated on upload. I'm also looking to add video support, although I will probably upload videos of any length to a video service like YouTube or Vimeo and embed them, rather than self-host.

On the IndieWeb side of things, my next tasks are to sort displaying Webmentions on posts, and streamline posting to when content is published.


The past few weeks have caused me to make a few lifestyle changes, which are ultimately for the better, and have given me a much needed kick up the arse to get back on track with getting more active, eating healthier and generally living better. As a result, I've started going to the gym on a more regular basis again and have signed up to do the Leicester Half Marathon later in the year.

While some of the changes I've had to make may sound major, such as no longer drinking alcohol or fizzy drinks and not eating certain foods, it isn't that much of a change from my diet previously, albeit with a few healthier upgrades.

Kind of related to it all, I finally got myself a standing desk, which is probably one of the best things I've gotten in years. It's more exciting than the new washing machine I got recently if nothing else.

Somewhat annoyingly, my desktop PC finally packed in, with both the motherboard and GPU giving up the ghost and given its age and how heavily I've used it over the years, it's served me quite well all things considered. I'm not in any rush to replace it with anything either, as I tend to prefer using my MacBook these days, and my XBOX for any gaming I might want to do.

If I remember, I'll post another one of these on Sunday as usual.