Weekly Notes 07: 27/03/22

It's still Sunday (just), and as it's gone 23:00, it's probably for the best that I'm not drinking coffee this late in the evening. As I'm trying to stick with the habit of doing weekly notes, I'd rather write this now, than at some-point on Monday.


Although I've not made any real progress on developing the app further this week, I've been spending time getting the other parts up to speed, and getting myself more organised as to how I’m getting through outstanding tasks, and what milestones I'm setting.

I've also been looking into the options of third party API integrations, along with the costs and requirements to do so for a more complete experience. For example, adding support for the Foursquare places API, Mapbox, and push notifications.

As an interim, I'm also in the process of preparing the current Android app for the Amazon app store, to make the app available on Fire Tablets. Mainly because I have a Fire Tablet, and pending any major issues, shouldn’t take any additional effort from a development perspective once the admin part is sorted.

Based on a couple of issues on the GitHub repos, I have started writing a more helpful set of documentation on how to use the app, which I will start publishing to the site as and when it's ready.


I'm inching closer to switching over to the new version of marksuth.dev having spent time this week working on the ability to interact with posts & photos, either through webmentions, or an old-school comments form.

As part of the switchover, I'll also be switching to a new hosting setup, that is a bit more thought out and streamlined in how I've set it up compared to my current VPS.

All being well, the new version should be ready within the next week, with the intention of having it ready by the next HWC London meetup.


Compared to the past few weeks, this week has been fairly uneventful, which is no bad thing. I've started on having a large scale declutter and sort out of stuff, having accumulated a rather large amount of misc. tech stuff, clothes I no longer want/need or have worn-out, and various amounts of general crud that I don't really need.

Gaming wise, I've found myself falling back into GTA V on XBOX, and a couple of stints in forza as per usual.

Event wise, I hosted this weeks HWC London meetup which was a first for me, but otherwise generally uneventful.



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