It's sunday afternoon again, however I'm sat in a Nottingham branch of Caffè Nero this week, trying to kill some time before I wander up to Rock City for a gig that was originally meant to take place in October 2020. As such, I'm currently writing this on my phone, rather than my laptop as I'd usually do.


I've not really done anything worth noting on IndiePass this week, focusing instead on finishing off the new version of my site.

I've been making good progress with the new version of my site, with most of the main parts in place, and all of my previous content imported, along with some additional posts and photos I’ve started uploading from elsewhere.

Functionality wise, I'm most of the way there with getting the site to publish to twitter when I make a new post on my site, webmentions almost work, and I still need to look at posting photos, and the potential of getting them to cross post to instagram. Last of all I need to fix the feeds then Im pretty much good to go. If you want a look at the new version, just head to to take a look.


I've finally started cycling to work again this week, and have also restarted doing rides on Zwift a few times a week as well.

As I mentioned at the top, I'm also attending the first gig I've been to since February 2020 this evening, watching The Chats @ Rock City in Nottingham.

I'll also be hosting HWC London this Wednesday (23rd) which starts at 19:00 if you're interested in this kind of thing, check out the event details here:


Quick couple of updates:

  • When adding links using your phone, make sure they use " and not ‚Äú as it breaks things.
  • The gig was decent.