Weekly Notes 05: 13/03/22

It's been a few weeks since I last posted, for which there are a number of reasons, from a mixture of forgetting, being too busy elsewhere, or just not having being in the mood to post anything. However, it's sunday afternoon and I'm sat in a branch of Caffè Nero drinking a flat white, so may as well get back in the habit of posting these again.


I've been making progress on the new Flutter based version of IndiePass, and will hopefully have something demo-able in the near future.

I have also been making a number of interim updates to the existing desktop version of Indigenous, including renaming it to IndiePass, and making a few performance/accessibility changes based on issues & feedback raised on the GitHub repo. I have a few more amends to make, but am aiming to publish an update to the app before the end of the month.


I am in the process of rebuilding the site from scratch using a custom CMS that utilises the laravel framework, rather than the current site, which is using a custom WordPress theme with way too many plugins, and a massive functions.php file to make it do what I want.

There is still a few major parts I need to get completed on the new version, in particular feeds, webmentions, and a backend that doesn't rely on me posting updates using a copy of TablePlus to post things.

As part of bringing old content to the site, I have also started importing photos from other sources, such as my old Facebook account, or images from my general photo archive that aren’t too personal. My general approach for posting photos online is to post photos of an event or place, occasionally of myself and keep the photos with family members, friends etc. private for the most part. It's not a stead-fast rule, but one I generally


Overall it's been a very busy few weeks, hence the lack of posts, however as things are now returning to a more normal pace, and I've caught up on sleep etc. I'm once again making a conscious effort to start being generally more healthy.

Food wise, I've started subscribing to Mindful Chef recipe boxes, as a way to get myself backing in the habit of cooking properly again, rather than just throwing pasta in a saucepan with some kind of sauce, or ordering takeaway.
So far I've chosen dishes that I wouldn't have made if I was just going on a regular weekly shop, such as roasted pesto salmon with Mediterranean lentils or Aubergine katsu curry with edamame & rice

I'm also trying to decrease the amount of meat I'm eating, and generally being a bit more sustainable about the way I go about things. I've not cut it out entirely, but am taking the approach of having it once or twice a week, rather than the norm.

Gaming wise, I've been grinding through the various races on Forza, and have made a start on the Hitman trilogy that's now on Game Pass.

Event wise, I attended the London HWC virtual meetup on Wednesday evening, of which I am now a co-host, and will be hosting the next HWC on 23/03/22 if anyone wishes to join us.



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