Weekly Notes 04: 30/01/22

It's Sunday evening again, however this time I'm staying in a hotel room in London, and currently drinking a small bottle of red wine. Here's my weekly note recap for this week:


Um yeah, about that. I've not had much chance to spend any real time on IndiePass this week, however from attempting to use the current versions of the app on iOS and Android, it has given me some insight as to areas I need to make sure work smoothly in the new version.


Main thing I've done this week is install updates, and smooth out a few rough edges (e.g. the Likes section of a post should look tidier now.)


It's been a fairly busy week, and if it wasn't for me trying to make doing weekly notes a consistent habit, I would probably not have bothered this time around.

I've decided to have a short break away in London as I've not really gone anywhere for the past 2 years at this point. I visited the Design Museum and Science Museum this afternoon, along with a general wander around Hyde Park and Kensington.

Gaming wise, I've not really switched my xbox on at all this week, the only game I've played any of was a couple of short sessions on Forza.

Event wise, I attended the London HWC virtual meetup on Wednesday evening, which was good.

Also I finally got a haircut yesterday which was very much overdue.




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