It's Sunday afternoon, and I'm currently sat downstairs in a Caffè Nero making use of their free Wi-Fi for a change of scene. In what will hopefully become a habit as I've not ditched it after 1 week, here‚Äôs my weekly note recap for this week:


Nothing particularly exciting to report this week, the time I have spent working on it has been mainly fleshing out the UI and filling in the blanks. Given the amount of post kinds I’ve got left to go through, this will probably be the case for the next week or so as well.

As a way to help myself with what needs to go where as much as anything, I have however made a start on the documentation for the app, with an explanation on how to fill out each post type, and a breakdown of what’s submitted when creating a new post.

In populating the various post kinds, and looking at the plugins available for Flutter, I’m going to explore building a POSSE fitness tracker that integrates with Apple Healthkit & Google Fit, for more detailed logging of exercise, rather than just “I did a run” type posts. As while this could be included in IndiePass, it feels more suited to a dedicated app.

I've got various small bits done this week, there is now a little flag at the top of each post saying what the post kind is, and I have finally setup Bridgy to cross-post updates to my twitter account. I've also started making use of webmentions for things like RSVPs and logging what I've been watching recently.

I'm also slowly going through and polishing up the various rough edges in how the site looks and works, and am continuing to go through the backlog of issues flagged by the SEO audit tool I've been using, including addressing a few performance bottle necks, and slightly wonky page layout issues.


It's been a fairly quiet week all things considered, one of the side effects of it being generally cold and miserable outside is it kind of kills the urge to go out and do things. Added to which I seem to be getting multiple nosebleeds again, which at this point are more of an annoyance than anything.

On the plus side, I did get caught up with various jobs round the house, and didn't spend too much time playing Forza Horzion 5 on my XBOX (although it is very good).

I did however attend 2 virtual events this week, Homebrew Website Club Europe/London on Wednesday evening, and PHPMiNDS on thursday evening for a talk on making digital technology more sustainable by Hannah Smith (@hanopcan on twitter).

I'm also going to force myself to at least do a couple of sessions on Zwift this week, cos even if the weather's too crap to go to the gym, I have no excuse not to do that.