Since taking over as maintainer of the Indigenous app, one thing that has not sat comfortably with me is the app's name.

The discussion for renaming the app to something more suitable, and more inclusive (not to mention easier to spell) has carried on for a while now, it seems this is as a good a time as any to actually go ahead with the process of renaming, rather than just discussing it.

On the app's wiki page, the Renaming section has asked for people to make suggestions, and give their opinion on suggested names. As it currently stands, the most popular name, and one I also like that doesn't appear to cause any potential issues, is Indiepass. So that’s what I shall be renaming it to.

As the current versions of each of the 3 versions make several references to the name Indigenous at all levels, from UI, app modules, class names and so on, simply doing a find and replace would most likely break things. Therefore, I will be leaving these codebases with the current name intact for the time being.

As I am currently working on a new unified cross-platform version of the app, this seemed the easiest and most logical point to proceed with renaming the project.

In the meantime of course, if you have any suggestions, feedback, feature requests or encounter any bugs with the current versions, please do not hesitate to submit a GitHub issue on the relevant repo (Android app, Desktop app, iOS app)