version 3

When I first started this site, I had all the best of intentions to make regular, meaningful blog posts with some actual purpose to them. As it turned out, most of my posts from last year consist of my next post will be worthwhile bollocks.

Starting this year having got rid of a lot of stuff and sorted out some major problems elsewhere, I can finally give this little site some attention.

Over Christmas I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which has probably been the best addition to my life in a long time and, twinned with the Springpad app, I’m finally getting everything in order and should hopefully stay that way.

Seeing as I now have approximately 4 or 5 different webcams in my possession I am going to give vlogging a go as so far all I’ve filmed and posted on YouTube is of a Pacman toy my aunt and uncle gave me as a present.

In other news, I had an unfortunate incident involving my right thumb and a corned beef tin which resulted in a trip to A&E. Never before have I realised how much I use my now bandaged thumb for things like opening packets, button pressing and writing and how much I suck at doing things left handed.


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