Building bridges, literally

At the back of my house, there's a railway bridge that sometime last year we were told was going to have something done to it so that they could transport bigger things under it or something like that.

Several months later and they are STILL at it, and as they do any major work overnight, they use floodlights which nicely light my room up and stop me getting any sleep.

It is through this lack of sleep that I start writing stupid rambling blog posts on the pathetic excuse for a website which when I read it back at a later date I find that none of this makes sense and because I typed this all out on my tablet random letters keep appearing in words and the spelling is truly crap.

Seeing as I am using this blog more and more for this type of thing I think I might change a few things including shifting my portfolio of sites etc to a separate bit and away from this drivel.

This was originally posted to a previous version of in January 2011.


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