Seeing as the cesspool of files that is my PC is complaining of low disc space, I've decided to have a good clearout of files, software and generally my approach to organising files.

Bearing this in mind, I'm going to take the chance to look at what software is installed on my PC, for example I have 5 or 6 different media players installed, a number of different web browsers and a smattering of different PC maintenance tools and runtimes.

Having scanned my pc using belarc advisor, I attacked the list of installed software with a good old highlighter pen and have got rid of about half of what I have installed on my machine.

Thankfully, when it comes to reinstalling everything, I can simply use a combination of Microsoft Update and ninite to install pretty much everything I need, aside for a couple of major apps like office and creative suite.

This was originally posted to a previous version of in August 2010