Leo Laporte's recent rant on social media has got me thinking about my own approach to social networking and was the main motivation for me to get my site properly setup for blogging and to act as a personal hub for my various accounts on sites such as Flickr, Twitter, lastfm and everything else.

Whilst I'm just a uni student who doesn't bear any real importance in the grand scheme of things, based on the various projects I've worked on previously. Aside from which, it's probably best I try this sort of thing on my own site first rather than putting widgets and aggregated content on a site I'm building for someone; only to have it break their site down the line.

Having sorted through the various accounts, I have become aware that through one way or another I have 9 different email addresses. as a way to combat this I’ve created a new GMail account which I intend to use as an aggregator for all my various inboxes and just use my email address to send said mail to the world courtesy of fiddling around with the settings. Using a GMail account ties in well with my HTC Wildfire, being an Android phone and all. Streamlining everything down into this one account has also allowed me to have a good cleanup of my contacts, merging duplicates and the like so I can be sure which Dave I’m sending something to instead of have a lucky dip of 4 of them.

This was originally posted to a previous version of in August 2010