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Indigenous Update – 17/11/21

Couple of updates this time: Renaming the App Renaming the app to something that is more inclusive, and among other things, easier to spell has been discussed a few times now (see https://indieweb.org/Indigenous#Renaming for reference). As I now maintain the app across all platforms, and am actively look to make major updates to the app, it…

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Indigenous Dev Update – 27/10/21

It’s been a few weeks since I took over as maintainer for Indigenous, so I thought it was a good idea for me to give folks a bit of an update. Although I’ve not had much time to dedicate on this over the past couple of weeks due to other commitments, I have come up…

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Indigenous for Desktop and iOS

You may have noticed that the ownership for the repos of the desktop and iOS versions of Indigenous were transferred to my github profile this morning. I have been experimenting with a forked version of both these repos for a while, and noticing that the iOS version was looking for a new maintainer, I got…

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