Weekly Notes 12: 18/06/22

I'm a few days late writing this, but at least I've remembered eventually to write for once. Last weekend was uncomfortably hot weather-wise, which is sadly going to be a much more common occurrence. At least it rained last night. Anyway...


I am finally making some good progress on IndiePass again. I pushed a commit that brought all the dependencies etc. up to date, rectified a couple of minor deprecations and fixed a couple of small bugs. I'm setting myself a target to get a functioning build done by 1st October, (allowing for other IRL commitments).


Firstly, thanks to Jan Boddez for letting me know about my post feed serving up unparsed markdown, I should've caught it sooner, but at least it's fixed now. In doing so, I realised I'd also included several hundred fairly useless Watch posts via my feed as well, and I've refined how the feed is generated to limit its scope on included post types.

Aside from the feed issues, I've been continuing to evolve the codebase for my site with the ultimate goal of having a publicly available generic version for others to use. The latest step has been to move things like changing hard-coded references to my name to environment variables, and the content for standalone pages is now served from the database, rather than blade files.


Due in part to it being too hot to do much at the weekend, the past week has been fairly uneventful for the most part. As it's already thursday, this week looks like it's going to be much the same, so I may make an effort to go and do something different at the weekend.

Cheers, Mark