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Weekly Notes 03: 23/01/22

It’s Sunday afternoon again, and I’m sat in my office with a cup of coffee I made myself this time (flat white with beans from More Coffee Co. if you’re interested). Here’s my weekly note recap for this week: IndiePass After finding a couple of issues on the repo for the desktop client that I’d…

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IndiePass Dev Update

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted purely about IndiePass, and the current status of the new app. Firstly, I had hoped to have an update for Android released by now that had renamed everything to IndiePass, however renaming the app triggered the app being manually reviewed, and the update subsequently rejected. I…

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Social readers, a new way of thinking about social web interactions by James (

There was a discussion going on in the IndieWeb chat yesterday about feed readers. One big point that I took away is that developers must abstract away from technical terms that mean little to nothing for those who might use a tool. Technical terms are useful for implementation: they help developers…

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Weekly Note 02: 16/01/22

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m currently sat downstairs in a Caffè Nero making use of their free Wi-Fi for a change of scene. In what will hopefully become a habit as I’ve not ditched it after 1 week, here’s my weekly note recap for this week: IndiePass Nothing particularly exciting to report this week, the…

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If this worked, excellent! If not, you never saw post and never speak of it again.

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📝 Weekly Notes 01: 09/01/22

I’m going to try and start doing weekly notes, which is essentially a recap of what I’ve been up to for the past week. IndiePass I have been making good progress with getting the frontend of the app built, and have more or less completed the basic scaffold of the app. Next step is to…